Sunday, February 17, 2008

Deirdre Shepherd revisits Town Branch on CAT TV channel 18 on Cable

Center for Watershed Protection free download of stream-protection brochures

CAT channel 18 shows on Cox Cable this week with Town Branch short shows

Monday 2/18/08
4:35 pm Deirdre Shepherd Revisits Town Branch
Tuesday, 2/19/2008
7:30 pm Deirdre Shepherd Revisits Town Branch
Wednesday 2/20/08
4:35 pm Deirdre Shepherd Revisits Town Branch
Thursday, 2/21/2008
8:35 pm Deirdre Shepherd Revisits Town Branch


aubunique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aubunique said...

I hope Dee didn't see this post yet, because I mispelled her first name in the title. That was really bad because, like a lot of English majors, I picked Deirdre because of its literary importance. I deleted my first comment in a panic when I noticed the spelling.

I guess she hasn't seen it or I would have had a phone call about it. I also gave her the middle name Susanne but she writes it Suzanne. Now that is her intentional error, not my mistake.

Anonymous said...

Now I know who that is. Are you Dee's dad? A bunch of us who worked on Dickson Street and went to school with Dee used to play softball with you in Wilson Park on Sundays back in the 1980s and 90s. Is she still living in Fayetteville? She used to be a great singer and was getting good at finger-pickin the guitar the last time I saw her doing a gig.
What is your email address? Are you in the phone book?