Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Classic mistakes of incumbent office-holders: Send out state road crew to block traffic to destroy road surface while preparing surface for repaving before winter and really irritate voters on way to work or to vote early

Please click on image of road machine roughing the surface to prepare for new thin layers of blacktop to create illusion of doing something for politicians' constituents.

Please click on image above to see asphalt goop on verge of washing into 15th Street stormdrain and polluting the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

List of Fayetteville Neighborhood Associations as of October 19, 2010: Neighborhood coordinator Julie McQuade wants updated registration from all this month

Staying Informed

AccessFayetteville provides numerous ways to stay informed about your local government.

Full Neighborhood Association List

Bridgeport POA  Paul Johnson (479) 283-2609 Paul_L_Johnson@cox.net 2009
Bridgeport POA  Jay Harter (479) 521-5184 jaybirdharter@yahoo.com 2009
Cedarwood Phase 2 NA Lewis Teague (479) 435-2427 skteague1@cox.net ACTIVE
Cedarwood Phase 2 NA Bob Mainfort (479) 444-6871 mainfort@uark.edu ACTIVE
Clabber Creek Phase I POA Sarah McKinney (479) 225-1545 clabbercreek1@yahoo.com ACTIVE
Clabber Creek Phase I POA Mary Beth Simpson (479) 263-3403 clabbercreek1@yahoo.com ACTIVE
Clabber Creek Phase II POA J.P. Peters (479) 713-0555 j.p.peters@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Clabber Creek Phase II POA Sue Johnson (479) 527-6726 walsjohnson@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Copper Creek HOA  Frank Johnson (479) 277-9393
Cross Keys POA 

Cross Keys POA

Dickson Street NA Juli Dorrough (479) 443-9787 julsdd@yahoo.com ACTIVE
Dickson Street NA Cathy Bass (479) 443-4370 cbass88437@cox.net ACTIVE
Elm-Erstan-Baker NA Susan Jenkins (479) 521-1255 jenkburg@aol.com ACTIVE
Elm-Erstan-Baker NA Liam Nesson (479) 575-0386 lnesson@uark.edu ACTIVE
Fayetteville Country Club NA - NCWASSN#25  Marie Mitchell (479) 582-0007 mmitchellm@cox.net ACTIVE
Fayetteville Country Club NA - NCWASSN#25  Butch Clinton (479) 442-6455 moppyc@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Hendrix/Maxwell/Stephens NA Joyce Richards (479) 521-4347 joycerichards@hotmail.com ACTIVE
Huntington POA David Flynn (479) 587-0017 david.flynn@perspectives.org ACTIVE
Hyland Park POA  Tommy Tiller (479) 582-9802 Tommy_Tiller@arwb.uscourts.gov ACTIVE
Jennings Plus NA  Alan Ostner (479) 571-4155 alan.ostner@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Jennings Plus NA  Jim Glenn (479) 409-4452 nailwood7542@yahoo.com ACTIVE
Mount Sequoyah South NA  Bob Caulk (479) 973-2968 bobcaulk@cox.net 2009
North Heights POA Dr. Jim Hunt (479) 571-3359 drjrobh@gmail.com ACTIVE
North Heights POA Ruth Cohoon (479) 442-6656 rcohoon@uark.edu ACTIVE
Root School NA  Don Conner (479) 841-7349 don@donconner.com ACTIVE
Salem Village POA Matt Yoes
salemvillagepoa@gmail.com ACTIVE
Salem Village POA Jake Fout
salemvillagepoa@gmail.com ACTIVE
Sang Valley NA

Sang Valley NA

Savanna POA

Savanna POA

South Rolling Hills NA  Bruce Johanson (479) 443-4546 bruce.johanson@johansongroup.net ACTIVE
Southwest Sequoyah NA  Nancy Williams (479) 443-2371 nanwilli@cox.net 2009
Starr Drive NA  Larry Long (479) 442-0363 larrylong@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Starr Drive NA  Nancy Long (479) 442-1095 nancylong@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Sunset Woods POA Michael H. Thomas (479) 443-6695 mhtcommu2@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Sunset Woods POA  Bernice Hembree (479) 582-1720 bhembree3@gmail.com ACTIVE
Town Branch NA  Aubrey Shepherd (479) 444-6072 aubreyshepherd@hotmail.com 2009
Town Mountain South NA Anne Titus (479) 571-3581 kentlandrum@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Town Mountain South NA Katherine Adam (479) 443-4059 tricksen2@yahoo.com ACTIVE
Township Hill NA Jack Cleghorn (479) 521-3008 JACKCBI@aol.com 2009
Township Hill NA Bob O'Connell (479) 444-0818 locon56011@aol.com 2009
University Heights NA David Hart (479) 442-7752 graycap@uark.edu 2009
University Heights NA Ethel Simpson
esimpson@uark.edu 2009
University of Arkansas Student Representative

VA Hill Susan Drouilhet (479) 443-1379 suedrou@juno.com ACTIVE
VA Hill John Newman (479) 521-0799 john@newmanturnaround.com ACTIVE
Washington Willow NA Greg Mitchell (479) 521-2668 gregpati@swbell.net ACTIVE
Washington Willow NA Rick McKinney (479) 521-3480 paisleyrm@aol.com ACTIVE
Waterman Woods HOA Walt Eilers (479) 283-2784 walteilers@sbcglobal.net ACTIVE
Waterman Woods HOA Rick Kinnard (479) 443-2117 rokinnard@cox.net ACTIVE
West 62 NA  Laverne Cooper (479) 267-3548
West 62 NA  Beth Presley (479) 267-2298 bepresley@gmail.com ACTIVE
Wildflower Meadows NA Matthew Morningstar (479) 444-3064 mornim@gmail.com ACTIVE
Wildflower Meadows NA Josh Kellam (479) 527-0895 josh.kellam@ge.com ACTIVE
Wyman/Stonebridge Teresa Kolb (479) 571-8174 oda2066@yahoo.com 2009

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Highway Commission vote could end mowing and dredging practices that cause erosion, loss of wildlife habitat and decrease beauty of roadsides in Arkansas

The photos below were made a few miles south of Fayetteville's Town Branch Neighborhood on Arkansas 265 near Hogeye. Water from that spot flows to the Illinois River, but on the same highway near the Fayetteville City Limits, the water from similar spots enters the Cato Springs Branch, which flows into the Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River near the Intersection of South School Avenue and 15th Street, the southeast edge of the Town Branch Neighborhood.

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE. Two hours after these photos were made on October 12, 2010, this area had been brushogged into oblivion. Sure, the swamp milkweed will sprout from its roots next summer. But these plants not only held pods offering hundreds of milkweed seeds but also were feeding milkweed caterpillars that could have made chrysalises and become final 2010 generation monarchs traveling to Mexico and with a chance to return in spring and find fresh milkweed on which a new generation of monarchs could have been raised to keep the cycle of life intact for this seriously threatened species of migrating butterfly. If you want to talk to your Northwest Arkansas representative on the Highway Commission, he is Dick Trammel.

Monarch caterpillars were still eating the foliage of these swamp milkweeds and the seed pods were almost mature when the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Mowers came down the road and crushed and cut them off near the ground. Amazing hypocrisy for a state agency that touts its wildflower program. And possibly worse hypocrisy is touting its stormwater-protection work and then mowing and dredging ditches repeatedly every year.

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE view.

To learn more about the Arkansas Highway Commission,  please see AHC  link.

Please click on images to ENLARGE view of Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department machine digging rich, dark well-vegetated soil out of a ditch on the west side of Arkansas 265 south of Fayetteville. An earlier post quoting a commuting motorist's email contained an error. Washington County is not to blame for this misguided work that threatens to increase the silt load of Cato Springs Branch, the lower Town Branch and the West Fork of the White River entering Beaver Lake. The soil being eroded is typical high-quality prairie topsoil that has washed into the ditch but should be back on farm or pasture or natural prairie land. This soil is hauled away and dumped, allowing more to erode away.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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aubunique: Insect Festival coming up

aubunique: Insect Festival coming up: "Please use live links on site to navigate and read more detail. Bumpers College Home Entomology Home O..."

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