Monday, January 26, 2009

Community garden planning going on in the neighborhood

January 24, 2009
Dear Neighborhood Association Leader,
We have organized a steering committee to help bring about community
gardens in Fayetteville and also to help provide supportive services
for them, if possible, such as networking and gardening education, tech
support etc. The folks from the city and the parks are excited about
it as we are. We are just beginning and are gathering information.
We want to find out where there are current community gardens and where
there is interest before moving forward. So we would appreciate you answering a few
quick questions.
1. Do you know of any community gardens in your neighborhood or area of
Fayetteville (community gardens are gardens that have involvement from
several families even if they are on private land)? If so, can you please
tell us where they are located and who we might contact to learn more about
2. Do you know of any people in your neighborhood or area who are not
currently involved in community gardens but would like to be? If so, who?
3. Are there any people in your neighborhood or area who would be good
leaders to talk to about the gardening needs of your neighborhood? If so,
Thank you for your cooperation and quick reply. We are meeting weekly and will be
happy to move forward with your feedback. Please just email me your information or call me if you like. My cell number is 283-2449.
Jo Ann Kaminsky
Kaminsky's shop is immediately east of Brenda's Bigger Burger on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard east of S. Hill Avenue.
Michael H. Thomas

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