Friday, June 5, 2009

Supporters of National Cemetery have own Web site

National Cemetery Improvement Corporation


Anonymous said...

see comments on campus crest posted on 5/30 blog

Anonymous said...

"In my opinion multi-story apartments next to the National Cemetery makes no cents @ all. The national Cemetery is a very special place for Men & Women who have served our country & in some cases have made the ultimate sacrifice, defending our country & our rights. Apartments in this area is not a good use of the land, it is disrespectful to all hero's buried @ the cemetery, their family's & all citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas & the Nation. I think this land should be added to the National Cemetery this is my personal opinion.
James (Butch) Coger"

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day when a student leisure complex vies for one of the few options the National Cemetery in Fayetteville has to expand.

Sad indeed that supposedly our congressman turned down the 1st option to appropriate the land.

But put that sorrow to good use and come out to speak up for the vets and the neighborhood! Any and all chances available!