Monday, February 22, 2010

Cell Tower on MLK to be considered by Fayetteville Planning Commission tonight

Planning Commission Planning Commissioners

Sean Trumbo, Chair Craig Honchell
Jeremy Kennedy
Audy Lack, Vice-Chair Christine Myres
Porter Winston
Matthew Cabe, Secretary Jim Zant

Final Agenda
City of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Planning Commission Meeting
February 22, 2010

A meeting of the Fayetteville Planning Commission will be held on February 22, 2010 at 5:30 PM in Room 219 of the City Administration Building located at 113 West Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Agenda Session Presentations, Reports and Discussion Items:

1. Applications for new and incumbent Planning Commissioners are due February 26th.

2. Nominating Committee Meeting for the election of officers.


1. Approval of the minutes from the Monday, February 8, 2010 meeting.

Old Business:

2. CUP 10-3501: Conditional Use Permit (3484 W. WEDINGTON/SHOPPES AT WEDINGTON, 401): Submitted by MCCLELLAND CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC. for property located at 3484 W. WEDINGTON DRIVE. The property is zoned C-1, NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL and contains approximately 2.24 acres. The request is for a conditional use permit to allow a 10,000 square foot church (Use Unit 4) in the C-1 zoning district. Planner: Andrew Garner
The applicant has requested this item be tabled indefinitely.

New Business:

3. CUP 10-3508: Conditional Use Permit (GREEN LEAF RENTAL OFFICE, 440): Submitted by THOMAS J. EMBACH for property located at 1028 N. BETTY JO DRIVE. The property is zoned RMF-24, MULTI FAMILY - 24 UNITS/ACRE and contains approximately 0.97 acres. The request is for a 544 s.f. structure to be located on the subject property and used as a rental office for the Greenleaf Apartments.
Planner: Andrew Garner

4. CUP 10-3512: Conditional Use Permit (CELL TOWER/HILL & MLK, JR.BLVD, 522): Submitted by SMITH TWO-WAY RADIO for property located SOUTHEAST OF THE INTERSECTION OF HILL AVENUE AND THE RAILROAD TRACKS. The property is zoned C-2, THOROUGHFARE COMMERCIAL and contains approximately 0.12 acres. The request is for a 150 ft. 'flag pole type' cellular tower on the subject property. Planner: Dara Sanders

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