Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop sign finally put up to replace the one stolen weeks ago from the intersection of 11th Street and South Duncan Avenue where Bacardi Avenue exits the Hill Place student-apartment complex

Please click on individual images to ENLARGE view east on 11th Street toward Hill Avenue with South Duncan Avenue at right in top photo and northwest on Bacardi Avenue in the second photo. The post standing in the median had a Bacardi Avenue sign for part of 2009 and 2010, but it was stolen many months ago. The sign company, assuming it was the  same contractor that put up the stop sign in 2009, should have replaced the street-name sign as well. But the neighbors expected the privately built street through the development to be named Duncan all the way up to MLK Jr. Boulevard but the entry from MLK (formerly 6th  Street) was named Royal Oak Drive in honor of the ancient oak in the median at MLK but removed because it died once its roots were damaged by the street construction, so no one has complained about the Bacardi sign being gone, apparently. The intersection remains dangerous and confusing to motorists. The third photo is from 2003, when S. Duncan Ave. led into Don Hoodenpyle's driveway entry where it offered a left turn into an offset extension of 11th Street into a mobile-home park from which the residents were being forced out in favor of the later-to-fail Aspen Ridge project. The fourth, bottom, photo shows same view today. Residents of the Town Branch Neighborhood objected to allowing the developers to build the streets in the Hill Place project to less-than-city standard and to remain private property. But the plan went ahead, which makes enforcing traffic rules inside the 28-acre site difficult for the police.

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Wilmer Geraci said...

What's up with these traffic signs getting stolen? I mean, what do those thieves get in return? They don't realize that such signs help a lot of people every day with directions and safety precautions, and taking them away makes it confusing for everybody. Our traffic agencies should reinforce the signs so that removing them from the posts would be close to impossible.