Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fayetteville's Council of Neighborhoods passses two resolutions

Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods Passes Two Resolutions of Support

On December 6, 2007, the Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods passed two resolutions by unanimous vote. These resolutions do not necessarily represent the views of all members within each neighborhood, but only of the 17 neighborhood representatives in attendance.

The first resolution states that the Fayetteville Council of Neighborhoods supports the initiative of the University Heights Neighborhood Association, which is working to develop a City traffic calming ordinance establishing more consistency in the placement of stop signs throughout residential areas.

The second resolution states the Council’s unanimous support for the City of Fayetteville's Neighborhood Coordinator position and to keep Julie McQuade in that position. The discussion was centered on the fact that FCON is a valuable resource for the community and acts as one of the only forums where citizen can voice their concerns.

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Anonymous said...

That part about Julie McQuade and the combination of duties wasn't on TV when I watched a replay on gov channel. Are you sure about that passing?