Sunday, December 30, 2007

Town Branch neighbors to meet at 10 a.m. January 12, 2008

Another interactive Internet site for Town Branch neighborhood information and discussion is available at

Town Branch Neighborhood on I-neighbors

Its calendar of events for January features the upcoming meeting of the neighborhood with residents of Ward I in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with the two Ward I members of the City Council to see the latest set of plans for the stalled Aspen Ridge Development site between 12th and 6th streets west of S. Hill Avenue and S. Duncan Avenue.

Representatives of the developers are expected to attend the 10 a.m. January 12th meeting at the S. Hill Avenue Church of Christ. The proposal includes an increase in the amount of land dedicated as a city park and an increase in housing density on portions of the 30-acre site. The major change of the Aspen Ridge plans approved in 2005 is that the buildings will include smaller apartments for student rental.
For additional information, please telephone 444-6072 and visit the following sites online:

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Anonymous said...

If this isn't going to be on government channel and in the newspaper, let us know. I went to the last Ward 1 meeting and it didn't make the news at all. I live in the so-called Walker Park area, but I have friends on the southeast side of Ward 1 as well as your Town Branch area. A lot of people spoke up but people who didn't attend got no information about it. What a waste of time!

Anonymous said...

If both Ward 1 council members show up, it has to be on government channel and the other media have to be notified. Check out Arkansas FOIA online.