Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Town Branch neighborhood windy on Wednesday, Snowy on Thursday

PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE top photo showing tunnel through which Town Branch of the West Fork of the White River flows under the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad south of Sixth Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The view is northwest (upstream). Enlarged, the photo shows a stone and concrete structure at the other end of the tunnel. It is a manhole that stands about 6 feet tall in the streambed. When rain is heavy on the University of Arkansas campus upstream, water rises above the manhole and pours into the sewer, allowing sewage to overflow and stormwater to enter and overload the so-called sanitary sewer.

Lower photo was added to show snow covering the former Aspen Ridge site (now the proposed Hill Place student-apartment site). The view is from the intersection of West Eleventh Street and South Duncan Avenue.

Town Branch Neighborhood will be featured several times next week on Cable Access Television, channel 18 on Cox Cable in Fayetteville.

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